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All Your Patients Lined Up On Day One

In this issue: COVID-19 - Dan Sfera - Bio-Optronics Webinar - NVIDIA Article - PI Day - Chat Box

March 2020 Edition

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COVID-19 and Deep 6's Response

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything about our lives and how we interact with the world around us. We have always been grateful for the healthcare professionals that keep us all healthy and safe, but in this impossible time we are even more thankful for all of those on the front lines helping to contain this virus.

We understand the unique role our platform plays in helping hospitals conduct research, especially on new, rapidly-evolving, and ambiguously-defined medical concepts, such as COVID-19. To that end, we’re redoubling our efforts in two areas: supporting our customers and expanding the Deep 6 software to help identify, track, and review patients faster during this critical time for medical research.

Read our full post on how we are working with our customers at major academic medical centers and how we’ve added SARS-CoV-2 related concepts so that they can search for COVID-19 related symptoms within their patient data. We are committed to helping researchers harness the power of their data to improve healthcare and change the world. 

See our full statement here.

The Clinical Trials Guru Interviews Deep 6 AI 

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dan Sfera and Chris Sauber from The Clinical Trials Guru to discuss artificial intelligence in clinical trials. 

Watch the full video with Deep 6 AI CEO Wout Brusselaers below. 

Wout & Dan
Here are a few discussion topics covered in the interview: 
  • The increasing complexity of clinical trial criteria and the effect that’s having on trial recruitment 
  • What AI can and cannot do well when looking at medical records 
  • The importance of sites understanding and maintaining ownership of their data 
  • The ROI of investing in software that improves patient recruitment 

Webinar about AI's Impact on Trial Recruitment and Feasibility

We hosted a webinar with Bio-Optronics about how artificial intelligence is changing trial feasibility and recruitment. Anyone involved in clinical research today understands that recruitment is expensive, making up to one-third of the total cost of trial costs. With 86% suffering delays (11 months on average), and 50% of trial sites failing, this industry is ready for innovation. AI is a game-changer when evaluating clinical trial feasibility.  

In this webinar, we provide case study examples illustrating how applying AI to medical records can pinpoint eligible patients for clinical trials in minutes and explore the effectiveness of analytics versus AI. We also walk through best practices for combining different techniques to drastically speed up subject identification and augment patient recruitment. 

If you missed it, watch our VP of marketing, Emily Hossellman's presentation here!

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Watch Here!

NVIDIA Article: How Deep 6’s NLP Speeds the Search for Clinical Study Recruits 


The team at NVIDIA published an article discussing how Deep 6 is leveraging NVIDIA hardware to train and improve the NLP and AI that power our patient-matching platform. 

 Here’s a snippet from the article:  

“Many people in medicine have ideas of how to improve healthcare,” said Wout Brusselaers, CEO of Pasadena, Calif.-based startup Deep 6 AI. “What’s stopping them is being able to demonstrate that their new process or new drug works, and is safe and effective on real patients. For that, they need the clinical trial process.” 

“In the age of precision medicine, clinical trial criteria are getting more challenging,” Brusselaers said. “When developing a drug that is targeting patients with a rare genetic mutation, you have to be able to find those specific patients.” 

By analyzing medical records with AI, Deep 6 can identify a patient population for clinical trials within minutes, accelerating what’s traditionally a months-long process. Major cancer centers and pharmaceutical companies, including Cedars Sinai Medical Center and Texas Medical Center, are using the AI tool. They’ve matched more than 100,000 patients to clinical trials so far. 

Read more here.

Celebrating Great PIs on Pi Day

March 14th is frequently celebrated by eating delicious pie in honor of the mathematic concept of pi (3.14159…). At Deep 6 AI, we wanted to take a bit of a different spin on Pi Day and celebrate some inspirational PIs (principal investigators) who are conducting amazing clinical research at some of the hospitals we work with.                                                 

So please join us in honoring these amazing PIs, who are furthering medical research in a variety of different fields. And if you have a great PI you think we should highlight, please nominate them here! We’ll be sharing the stories of phenomenal PIs in our future newsletters.

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New Chat Feature, Now Live!

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Recently, we debuted our new chat feature on the Deep 6 website. It is available for anyone browsing the site with an unanswered question, whether that’s our existing users, potential clients, or just a curious mind. We have dedicated employees available during business hours ready to respond to any inquiries. Should you reach out after hours or on weekends, you’ll receive instructions to file a quick ticket that we will respond to as soon as possible. Check out the chat box in the bottom right hand corner on!

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